What’s so Special about our Zagat Rating?

In 2013, Zagat named Pistacia Vera the #1 restaurant in Columbus.

This is an accomplishment that makes us exceedingly proud. Zagat is one of the premier, if not the premier, dining guides and rating systems in the world. Depending upon an international network of restaurant surveyors, Zagat uses their surveys to create yearly rankings of restaurants in most major cities and regions throughout the world. Their guide book is highly sought after, and their reviews and ratings are highly respected.

And these reviews determined that we were #1. We received high marks (based on a 30-point scale) on everything from food to décor to service.

Moreover, the Zagat editors used their surveyors’ reviews to create the following synopsis of our restaurant:

“Masterful desserts” like “true” French macrons and “amazing” tarts have “found a home” in German Village at this “spectacular”, “tastefully modern” “boutique bakery” that easily rivals the “best” anywhere, “including Paris and Lyon”; “clean, bright” and “hip”, it’s not limited to sweets either, because “Provençal-baked eggs” and other specialties make it an “excellent” if “overlooked” brunch and lunch destination; P.S. closes at 7 PM.”

Why all the quotation marks? These are the words that Zagat reviewers actually wrote about Pistacia Vera. They are direct quotes, taken right from the words of our customers.

Thus, what makes us so proud about our Zagat rating isn’t just the numbers themselves; it’s that the people who visited us, who came to our store and tasted our food, experienced everything that we strive for from the pre-dawn moment that we fire up the ovens to the quiet evening hours when we close the doors.

This is something that makes us exceedingly proud too.