Anne and Spencer

Back in 2004, siblings Spencer Budros and Anne Fletcher embarked on a shared endeavor, aiming to create a distinctive dessert destination in their hometown of Columbus, Ohio.

Their collaboration has proven to be a continued source of inspiration and deliciousness. Their team of professionals shares their passion for the technique behind creating excellent pastries and desserts. Their stores reflect their keen eye for design and comfort.

And every Pistacia Vera creation highlights Anne and Spencer’s constant commitment to the unique enjoyment that comes from savoring a spectacular dessert. 



The first thing you might notice when you step inside Pistacia Vera is … warmth.

It’s not necessarily just the warmth from a fresh batch of croissants.  But rather it is the warmth and friendliness of our people.

Peek inside our kitchen. You’ll see a camaraderie that is quiet and harmonious. You’ll see an exceptional attention to detail and precision and technique. You’ll see that everything you enjoy here is hand-crafted with the utmost care and skill.

Look behind the counter. You’ll find a smile that’s welcoming and sincere. You’ll find an eagerness to provide you with unparalleled service. You’ll find someone who believes that your experience here should be special, fun, and memorable. And, of course, delicious.

They are the centerpieces of our kitchen and our stores.

They are what make our team just as inspiring as the pastries and confections they create.